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Intensive driving courses

We provide intensive driving courses to pupils looking to pass their test quickly. Each intensive driving instructor course can be run over consecutive days - or they can be split if you choose to include a theory test with your course. Our instructor will provide quickly and easily with a bespoke driving course designed for you.

Driving Courses for Beginner

If you are a beginner and want and very keen to drive then the better option for you is to then go for the intensive driving instructor course. You will be allocated a dedicated driving instructor to evaluate you. You will need to book a minimum of 4 hours lessons after which your driving instructor London will assess and issue you with a   Prior Development Certificate. We use this to certificate to write a customized lesson plans and delivery of lessons for accelerated and intensive learning.
In other cases where you have previous lessons or have been driving then we will book you in for a lesson and the end of the lesson the driving instructor can make suitable recommendations and the intensity of the course to pass.
Many times it is much more predictive to teach a beginner than a person who has had lessons before and restarted or have held full driving before in another country, this is because they have picked up wrong habits contrary to the UK DVLA standard. Unlearning the wrong habits to drive can be harder (in some cases dangerous) to rectify as this wrong habits has become second nature to drive that way. Most people who have driven before commonly mistake into presuming that that they only one or two lessons before going on a U.K. driving test to get a Full British Driving Licence. 
Whatever, your background or reasons for wanting an Intensive Driving Instructor Course we will analyse first and guide you appropriately and professionally by LMDT driving instructor London.