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Automatic car driving lessons

We were amongst the first to provide ‘automatic driving school London’ in our brand new prestigious racing pedigree Automatic Driving car - The Volkswagen Golf.  
Learning to drive a MAUAL car for a beginner can be quite daunting as not only do they have to focus on the road traffic conditions (especially uphill slopes) and traffic lights at the same they also have to grapple with the Gear Stick. Some learners could benefit from initial Automatic car lessons to focus on road conditions and awareness.
In Britain we were very much obsessed with the gear-stick rather than automatic driving lessons , a culture carried forward from the racing cars days and recently- boy racers, with smaller cars revving their engines and using the ‘stick’ to surpass bigger and faster cars at the traffic lights and in tight flowing traffic. But the truth is that the trend is moving towards driving maturely. As a matter of fact more people are moving towards automatic cars for comfort and ease of drive so drivers can focus more on the dangers on the road.In America and other countries only automatic cars are predominantly used with increasing technology.
We our foresight we provide automatic driving lessons and we are experience in driving industry and has a network of driving institutions in all over UK  and hence have been known for years for our special ‘automatic driving cars London’ package and our ‘refresher driving lessons London’ package.
You may have heard that automatic cars are easier to drive. On the other hand you may have heard that manual cars give you greater control. LMDT provide you both options and provides best quality driving lessons in peaceful environment. Our aim is to teach art of driving to develop competent and expert drivers. We provide excellent service in return to the value of your money.