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Female driving instructors

Driving lessons learners like yourself all have different ways of learning styles and who they prefer to be taught by.  During our years of having our driving school we realised that different.
Learners come from much diversified background especially as we cover the London area. As we all know London is now comprises a much diversified groups of potential driving lessons learners namely i.e. university students, fluent English speaking, new arrivals in London, different ethnic backgrounds, young 17 year olds, mature ladies etc.

Best Women Driving Instructors 

We have a huge demand for our female driving instructors from learners and other driving instructors and even large driving schools. 
Please note our driving instructors are not just working with us as a job but they are also part of http://www.lastminutedrivingtest.co.uk, and as such they are committed to the company and to the learners and are constantly developing more advanced and inclusive methods of training.
In order to maintain and achieving  higher  standards, our instructors are now also qualified to giving advanced driving lessons to other driving instructors to prepare them for their ADI check test.  
We found that some students choose our young and dynamic University Graduate now fully qualified ADI and experienced driving instructor, Mils, for past 10 years with our company,Whilst other driving lesson learners choose to learn with our 22 year experienced qualified ADI female driving instructor - Ms. Rad.
There is no pattern for what type of learners choose male or female instructor but as an equal opportunity driving school we have both male and female driving instructors. 
Female driving instructors have different merits and suitable for some learners at the same time others prefer our other experience driving instructors.
All our instructors are very familiar with their areas that that give driving lessons and hence very knowledgeable about the TEST ROUTE for the different test centers.