3 Most Important Tips For Teen Drivers

No one can hope to survive in this big bad world without learning to drive. Well, this is no exaggeration though. In fact, every driving school London is finding it difficult to accommodate all the aspiring auto enthusiasts, most of whom happen to be teenage kids. Sure, they are excited at the thought of getting behind the wheels and hope to emulate the biggest, baddest and scariest drivers on the road. However, the driving instructors in London know the rules and try to caution them regularly.

The driving lessons London are definitely about acquiring the skills but it is also about learning to be safe while on the road. That serves as one of the most important driving lessons London and elsewhere. The young individuals are ready to grab attention by speeding well past the limit once they know the ropes courtesy the best driving school. Unfortunately, being involved in a car crash might help them to make it to the headlines but in the wrong kind of way. The driving instructor training London, however, helps the new coaches to teach the excitable bunch of kids all about the ways of driving safely. Here is what you need to know before getting into your car and zooming off…

  1. Have the Seat Belt On– Do not be prone to showing off this time though! Be sure to belt in properly and don’t budge an inch unless your friends do so too. Sure, the efficacy of wearing one has been argued to death but the facts reveal that many accidents occur due to the casual attitude of drivers who did not strap themselves in while driving or riding in an automobile.
  2. Slow & Steady– Ever heard of the adage, ‘slow and steady wins the race?’ Do remember to mimic the tortoise and take it slow. You are sure to get to your destination albeit a bit later. You certainly do not have to be the James Bond of driving. Being a good and careful driver will earn you kudos too!
  3. No Texting Pls! – Yes! We know that you have a brand new smart phone and itching to try it ASAP. However, do refrain from texting your feelings while at the wheels. Recall the words of your instructor and keep both hands on the steering. Texting, taking a call and watching the tiny screen can come later. You need your wits around you first. So, go ahead and concentrate on the road ahead. Your smartphone is smart enough to wait for you!

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